A Long Island builders’ group is criticizing the lack of details in Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s splashy plans for New York’s infrastructure and accusing Island lawmakers of abandoning the issue so far in the 2016 legislative session.

“The consensus is the governor’s office did not hold up its end of the agreement when we accepted their request to stand down in return for the release of fiscal information about the planned DOT regional capital program for Long Island after Cuomo’s budget release. Therefore, we are resuming our intended campaign,” Marc Herbst, executive director of the Long Island Contractors’ Association wrote to members in an email.

The Democrat governor, looking to build a physical legacy, has proposed a $100 billion infrastructure construction spree, which could include a third track for the Long Island Rail Road and a tunnel from the Island to Connecticut, the Bronx or Westchester County. But critics have pointed out that there is little money to back it up at this point and that the plan is largely aspirational.

LICA has jumped into fray, taking out ads likening Cuomo’s proposal to “Disney’s Magical Kingdom.” Though it supports infrastructure spending, the group said the state should focus on existing and deteriorating roads, bridges and mass transit first.

LICA also sent a newsletter to its members saying that the Island’s legislative delegation “showed practically no interest in our region’s crumbling infrastructure” at a recent state budget hearing on transportation.