State inspections of upstate tanning salons found four with electrical...

State inspections of upstate tanning salons found four with electrical and sanitation violations. All were fixed and back to operation within four days, the inspectors report. Credit: Fotolia

A potential electrical hazard and use of unapproved disinfectants were among the violations state inspectors found in a spot check of upstate tanning salons.

State inspectors found 29 of 41 indoor tanning devices had unsafe conditions most often involving the use of ultraviolet bulbs that didn’t comply with the manufacturers’ labeling, state officials said Tuesday.

Other violations included failure to maintain the timers so customers couldn’t set their own periods of exposure to the potentially dangerous artificial light. Nearly half of the tanning salons used unapproved disinfectants and didn’t keep adequate records of customers and their use of the tanning beds.

State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said using indoor tanning raises the risk of skin cancer and can prematurely age skin as well as potentially burn skin and injure customers’ eyes. Fair-skinned tanners are especially vulnerable to skin cancer, he said.

The tanning booths were fixed and back in operation within four days, health officials said.

New York tanning operations are inspected at least once every two years.