Islip Town Board member John Cochrane, Jr. at a public...

Islip Town Board member John Cochrane, Jr. at a public hearing at Islip Town Hall. Credit: Debbie Egan-Chin

Republican John Cochrane Jr.’s renomination for Islip Town Board was uncertain last week despite a 45-minute meeting with Islip GOP chairman William Garbarino.

The uncertainty arose earlier this month when Garbarino told town Supervisor Angie Carpenter that he would support her renomination — but not Cochrane's. Cochrane is the son of former Suffolk GOP chairman, assemblyman and Suffolk County treasurer John Cochrane.

“It’s pretty depressing to think you’re doing a good job and three Fridays ago I was devastated and didn’t know what I had done wrong,” said Cochrane, who was informed of the leader’s comments by Carpenter.

“I think his comments may have come out of frustration,” said Cochrane, noting that Carpenter was “totally supportive” of his remaining on the ticket.

Cochrane, along with Mary Kate Mullen, have given Carpenter a reliable board majority. Removing Cochrane from the ticket could give Garbarino more leverage in town matters.

Garbarino declined to comment on what was said doing his meetings with Carpenter and Cochrane.

Garbarino said the 16-member town GOP executive committee will meet this week to recommend two town board nominees and the supervisor candidate. Among those who screened for town board include Andrew Wittman Jr., a business consultant, Patrick Fife, an attorney, and Kenneth Weeks, construction project manager with the town Resource Recovery Agency.

Cochrane, who screened with party officials last Wednesday night, a day after his meeting with Garbarino, said he believes he screened well. “We don’t want a primary and we have a winning team” said Cochrane, “I hope I get a chance for a third and final term.”

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