Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo dropped by the annual Legislative Correpondents Association cocktail reception in Albany Tuesday evening, did some schmoozing with guests, and then departed for downstate. But he left press aides Joshua Vlasto and Rich Bamberger on hand to present a video response to the annual dinner show spoofing him and other state politicos.

The video's zany plot line lampooned aides' ham-handed handling of press with the conceit that the governor was "missing," only to be found at the Executive Mansion communing with YNN's Liz Benjamin going over her broadcast reports, which in real life were assessed by Cuomo aides as "snarky." 

Earlier Senate Democrats, with the lead actor Sen. Michael Gianaris of Astoria, presented a video of their own. It spoofed the failed efforts at independing redistricting, showing ex-Gov. David A. Paterson and ex-Sen. Alfonse D'Amato stating their support for the initiative on NY1's ":Wiseguys" but silently "asking" themselves if Gianaris was crazy to bother with an issue nobody cared about. Independent-redistricting proponent Ed Koch, the former NYC mayor, makes a satiric appearance too, curtly telling off a reporter for coming up to him and asking about the issue.