Another anti-Trans Pacific Partnership protest played out Wednesday evening near Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin's Patchogue office, replete with a mock funeral to symbolize a loss of "middle class jobs, safe food, clean air and water and U.S. sovereignty."

"If the TPP is enacted," warned a missive from Michael Gendron, executive vice president of Communications Workers of America Local 1108, "it would destroy U.S. jobs by leading to even more outsourcing and allow multinational corporations to challenge environmental, consumer, Buy American, safety, and other laws at the federal, state and local levels."

Now that the fast-track bill to avoid Congressional amendment to a pact's provisions has cleared the Senate, it is expected to face House approval. The protesters are targeting Zeldin as a supporter of fast-track and the TPP given his signature on a letter to the White House earlier this year urging introduction of the legislation.

Zeldin spokeswoman Jennifer DiSiena provided this as a response Wednesday evening:

"There has been a very extensive, ongoing process of getting questions answered on behalf of the Congressman, his staff and his constituents. This has included Congressman Zeldin reading for himself the current draft of the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations to sort through fact and fiction on the trade debate.

"He will not decide to support or oppose the TPP until there is actually a final deal to review, which there is not. The Congressman supports trade and believes that America should always be pursuing good trade deals to boost American companies, the American worker and our nation's economy. "