slVOTE: Larry Zacarese is running in the GOP primary for...

slVOTE: Larry Zacarese is running in the GOP primary for Suffolk County Sherriff in Smithtown, New York on June 21, 2017. Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

Larry Zacarese, the challenger in a Republican primary for Suffolk County sheriff, has spent nearly twice as much as the GOP’s designated candidate, state Sen. Philip Boyle.

But Boyle has $121,904 left for the final push before the Sept. 12 election, while Zacarese has only $44,941, campaign finance filings show.

A review of 11-day pre-primary reports shows that Zacarese, assistant chief of the Stony Brook University police, has spent $126,965 on the contest to Boyle’s $67,051.

Overall, Boyle, who transferred $66,000 from his senate campaign fund, has raised $188,955 to Zacarese’s $166,845, who got nearly $78,000 in early funding in loans from family and friends.

Their filings show that in the last three weeks, Boyle raised $47,301 and spent $39,350. Zacarese raised $27,364 and spent $30,765 in the period.

Of Zacarese’s recent donations, $18,739 came from in-kind contributions of food, wine, supplies and photo services from supporters. Boyle’s largest new donation was $5,000 from the county deputy sheriff’s union.

New campaign filings also show that in the Republican primary for Smithtown Supervisor, Patrick Vecchio, 87, who is battling for his political life after 40 years in office, has spent $56,504 in his race against GOP designee Edward Wehrheim, a town board member, who has spent $41,884.

Wehrheim had $58,936 in his coffers to Vecchio’s $17,147.

In the last three weeks, Vecchio has raised only $122, and spent $10,800. Wehrheim brought in $2,665 and spent $6,074.

In the Democratic primary for Huntington supervisor, town board member Tracey Edwards has outspent challenger Darryl St. George $53,464 to $30,853. Edwards has $154,432 in her campaign account compared with St. George’s $4,944.

In the last three weeks, Edwards raised $3,800 and spent $22,055. St. George raised $11,449, including $1,500 he donated to his campaign, and spent $16,405. Earlier filings, showed Edwards made a $50,000 loan to his campaign.

In other Suffolk primaries:

  • Democratic county Legis. Monica Martinez has $32,729 for the campaign’s last week while challenger Angela Ramos, the wife of Democratic Assemb. Phil Ramos, has $8,856. Ramos has spent a total of $97,258 to Martinez’s $32,588. Much of Ramos’ spending was to pay workers to gather signatures to get her on the ballot.

Martinez in the last three weeks raised $10,577, and spent $15,577. Ramos raised $11,825 and spent $18,452.

  • Islip Town Board member Steve Flotteron, the GOP’s designated candidate in the 11th Legislative District, has raised $48,466 and has $21,713 to spend in the last week against challenger Michael McElwee, a Bay Shore businessman and son-in-law of Suffolk Legis. Tom Barraga (R-West Islip). McElwee has raised $25,019, but had only $993 left as of the 11-day pre-primary report.

In the last three weeks, McElwee raised $12,860, including $5,225 from family members and a loan to himself. Flotteron raised $2,975 but spent $19,469.

  • In the 6th Legislative District GOP primary, party designee Gary Pollakusky has $27,697 on hand while challenger Frank Vetro has $710. In all, Pollakusky has raised $44,495, including $2,450 in the last three weeks, and spent $17,398. Vetro’s 11-day pre-primary filing shows he raised $1,465 and spent $805 for an attorney to get back on the ballot.

In an earlier campaign finance filing, Vetro reported giving the campaign a $4,065 loan, but he has not detailed how the money has been used. He said he has bought palm cards, lawn signs and had some public relations work done. He said he will correct future filings to reflect the expenditures.

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