Do you recognize the intrepid young Newsday carrier on the...

Do you recognize the intrepid young Newsday carrier on the cover of the Sept. 8, 2010 special section? If you do, please write to

Dear Newsday reader,

Do you recognize that determined young Newsday carrier on the cover of this section?

I certainly recognize his bag full of newspapers. That’s because I had one just like it when I was a kid growing up in West Islip, delivering Newsday to my neighborhood. We don’t know the name of the boy on the cover or when the photograph was taken. Even so, we couldn’t resist publishing it because his determination to deliver the news to his neighbors seemed to embody the spirit of Newsday’s first publisher, the woman who launched this newspaper 70 years ago.

Alicia Patterson had a vision for Long Island, and for her fledgling newspaper, Newsday. She could see the growth that was in the region’s future, and the need for Long Islanders to have their very own trusted source of information. She could see the expansion of businesses on Long Island, and the need for an advertising marketplace where those businesses could connect with their customers. And as she threw the switch to start the presses for that very first edition, even with all of her vision she probably could not see the amazing technology that would change our lives 70 years later.

Since 1940, Long Island and Newsday have grown up together. While much has changed, still a lot remains the same. Long Island is a big island yet in many ways a small community, a great place to live, work and raise our families. At Newsday, our roots remain firmly planted in Long Island’s soil and sand, and we remain committed to our original guiding principle — to do our best to keep Long Islanders informed, every day.

Alicia Patterson must have been very proud back in 1940. Today, I’m proud to be Newsday’s 10th publisher, working with a dedicated team of people determined to serve Long Islanders with a commitment to excellence, striving to help make this an even greater community for all of us.

This special section of Newsday commemorates our 70th anniversary, and is really more about Long Island than Newsday. And while it’s fun to look back, our eyes and minds are firmly focused on the future, the next 70 years and beyond. We appreciate your bringing us into your homes and lives . . . in the past, today and for years to come.

From a user:After seeing the article on 70 years...

From a user:
After seeing the article on 70 years of Newsday, and the boy on the front cover, I just had to send you the copy of my husband's Newsday card. He has had this card since 1946. He told me such great stories of how he started off with a wagon and a sled in winter as a Newsday carrier. He was told by his father that was the only way he could get his dream bike, a new Schwinn - he would have to earn it ... And he did. He eventually became a Master Carrier for Newsday, and used his newly purchased bicycle to deliver those papers with.

By the way, if you recognize that young Newsday carrier on the front page, let us know by emailing Right now, though, let’s step back into the 1940s and look at the birth of the Long Island newspaper and the stories we’ve covered over the past seven decades. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Fred Groser, Publisher

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