Asking the Clergy: How grudges trap spirituality

This week's clergy discuss how to escape the grip of resentment and anger.

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Faith Calendar: Worship, events July 3-10

SUNDAY Worship Services Lake Ronkonkoma: In-person worship services at 10 a.m.; services are also available...

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Great Seal of the United States has deep meaning today

The national symbol of the U.S. has three Latin mottoes on it, two on one side and one on the other. Combined, they create a single motto with great power for our divided culture.

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Faith Calendar: Worship, events June 26-July 3

Attend services, prayer meetings, a genealogy lecture and more.

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Asking the Clergy: Memorable moments as a chaplain

They are making rounds in hospitals, counseling students or comforting end-of-life patients

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God Squad: How to talk to a mourner

There is no solution to a loved one's death, but others pretend there is one. 

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Episcopal Diocese awards scholarships to students descended from slaves

Penny Allen Grinage, the chair of the church's Reparations Committee, said they received 161 applications for the scholarships. After three rounds, they narrowed it down to eight students, who met the academic criteria and exemplified leadership traits.

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Mandatory voting is a bad, unconstitutional idea

The claimed benefits of mandatory voting are highly dubious.

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Faith Calendar: Worship, events June 19-26

Religious services, prayer gatherings and more.

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Asking the Clergy: Favorite newly canonized saints

Read about three saints recently canonized by Pope Francis.

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God Squad: What I believe about grief

For few weeks, I will take a deeper dive into what I believe about grief.

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Faith Calendar: Worship, events from June 12-19

Find opportunities to connect with religious and spiritual sustenance.

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God Squad: I'm a better rabbi than scientist

Readers write about Rabbi Marc Gellman's May 29 column about miracles.

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God Squad: How do we fit miracles into our lives?

Faith that demands a surrender of our scientific faculty of critical thinking is dumb.

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God Squad: A prayer for Uvalde

God gives me hope and courage to believe that the good in us will win.

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Asking the Clergy: Reflecting on 50 years of female rabbis

Despite progress, challenges remain in a still mostly male rabbinate.

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Faith Calendar: Worship, events from June 5-12

SUNDAY Jazz Worship Service Plainview: Readings, prayers and jazz musicians playing arrangements of traditional...

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Take direct action to end gun violence, some LI religious leaders say

After the Texas elementary school massacre, they are scrapping a "thoughts and prayers" approach.

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Asking the Clergy: Commemorating Memorial Day

Memorial Day was established in 1868 as a time to decorate the graves of the war dead.

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Worship, events from May 29 to June 5

SUNDAY Worship Services Lake Ronkonkoma: In-person worship services at 10 a.m.; services are also available...

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On abortion issue and Roe v. Wade, beliefs of LI Christians mirror most of nation

Christian Long Islanders are as divided on the hot-button abortion issue as most of the country. Between the extremes — no abortion at all or abortion with no restrictions — there is nuance among Christians on the island. 

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LI Christians weigh in on Roe v. Wade

Long Island Christians weigh in on the possibility of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade after a leaked draft was made public.

Are the 2022 primaries America's last legit election?

Donald Trump has been effectively above the law since the 1970s.

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God Squad: Celebrating Buddha's birthday

Let's consider how Buddhism addresses salvation from sin/ignorance/despair.

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Asking the Clergy: Share your favorite blessing

Sharing stories of graces bestowed by rainbows and family members.

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Faith Calendar: Worship, events from May 15-22

Long Island's religious communities offer a variety of events each week.

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God Squad: Marriage in the twilight years

'Marriage is not just about babies.'

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Asking the Clergy: Welcoming visitors in the pulpit

This week's clergy discuss how guests can offer the congregation something new.

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God Squad: Why do we pray?

The lack of response to a petitionary prayer is not a betrayal.

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Asking the Clergy: Celebrating Mother's Day

This week's clergy talk about motherhood's joys, sorrows and responsibilities.

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LI Muslim families celebrate Eid with car parade

Herricks Muslim Families celebrated Eid al-Fitr, which began Sunday and ends on Monday, with its annual car parade throughout the community.

Football and prayer? They just don't mix

The game is about violence, aggression, machismo and winning at all costs.

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Asking the Clergy: Gathering together again

'Return to in-person worship presents significant opportunities and challenges.'

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God Squad: Still more on coping with grief

'It is manifestly not true that only the good die young.'

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Town's oldest church puts memorial rock in graveyard to honor enslaved, indigenous

St. John's Episcopal Church in Oakdale has planted a memorial rock to honor the indigenous and enslaved people buried at the church's graveyard, a move community leaders said will make "history really real to people."

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Asking the Clergy: Protecting the environment

For some, conservation is a year-round practice linked to religious teachings.

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Dominican sister from LI marks 109th birthday 

This year's birthday was slightly more special than 107 or 108 for Sister Francis Piscatella because relatives were able to join her in person.

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Dominican nun celebrates 109th birthday 

Four generations of family gathered to celebrate the 109th birthday of Sister Francis Piscatella of East Williston. Sister Francis attributes her longevity to prayer and a sense of humor. Newsday's Steve Langford reports. 

Long Islanders gather in person for Easter services

There was rebirth and rejoicing at the Cathedral of St. Agnes in Rockville Centre, where there was a full house on Easter Sunday for the first time in three years due to the pandemic. In his homily, Bishop John O. Barres focused firmly and unflinchingly on the war in Ukraine. Newsday's Steve Langford reports.

For Long Island faithful, Easter back to normal

For many Long Islanders, Easter 2022 meant a return to in-person church services for the first time since the start of the pandemic two years ago.

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'In our suffering we find meaning': Christians gather on Good Friday

For the first time in three years, hundreds in Central Islip took part in a solemn procession and watched a re-enactment of Jesus' crucifixion.

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Cemetery in Westbury hosts event for Good Friday

The Cemetery of the Holy Rood in Westbury hosted a special event to commemorate Good Friday during Holy Week. 

Asking the Clergy: What is the promise of Easter?

'As we celebrate the resurrection, we lift each other up and share the Good News.'

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My Turn: An ecumenical Easter story

'I suddenly turned into a Hindu-Lutheran, possibly the only one in the world.'

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God Squad: Happy Easter and Happy Passover

'When we are at our best we are not God's debaters, we are God's choir.'

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Diocese hopes for re-energized Carle Place Episcopal church

St. Mary's Episcopal Church shuttered last month amid parishioner objections but the diocese has plans for a new version in Carle Place that is more "like a church in the 21st century and not in the 1950s, said Bishop Lawrence Provenzano.

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Ukraine war sows division among Christian Orthodox churches on Long Island

While Russian Orthodox Christians clash or tiptoe around the war in Ukraine, other Orthodox jurisdictions on Long Island condemn the invasion. 

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God Squad: Let us pray for a happy Passover

The Egypt of Passover ritual is not a place but a condition of being hemmed in.

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Asking the Clergy: The symbolism of seder foods

Bitter herbs, eggs, matzo, wine and water help tell the story of the exodus.

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LI Muslims ready for an almost pre-pandemic Ramadan

With the latest COVID-19 surge fading, Muslims across the Island are gearing up for Friday at sunset, the start of the holy month, with hopes of worshipping at mosques again, and a return of large festive gatherings.

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