Sacred Heart Academy senior Kelsey Green and boyfriend Michael Irving,...

Sacred Heart Academy senior Kelsey Green and boyfriend Michael Irving, of Chaminade High School, exchanged clever, pun-filled promposals. Credit: From Kelsey Green and Michael Irving

When Sacred Heart Academy of Hempstead senior Kelsey Green's boyfriend, Michael Irving, asked her to prom, he decided to be corny about it.


Several weeks before prom, the Chaminade High School senior surprised Green on the front lawn of her friend's house after school, dressed head to toe as an ear of corn and bearing a sign which read: "I hope this isn't too corny, but prom?"

Needless to say, pun intended.

"I was trying to come up with something to do for her," Irving said. "I thought it would be funny, to do it that way."

But Irving isn't the only one who delivered a pun-tastic promposal -- Green decided to do the same, working in wordplay when asking Irving to her prom, held at the Woodbury Country Club on Thursday.

"Mike was coming back from his senior trip, and I met him at the airport with a sign that said, 'Take a flight to prom with me?'" Green said, laughing. "He was the last person to get out of the plane, and when he saw the sign, everyone started cheering."

"When she asked me when my flight would be getting in, I got kind of suspicious," Irving said. "But I didn't expect it."

Irving and Green met on a trip to the beach with friends in July 2014. The two hit it off, and started dating several weeks later. The two have been together ever since.

Creating another promposal for Irving was important to Green.

"We both go to all-girls, all-boys schools," Green said. "It made sense for me to propose to him, too."

Green's prom for Sacred Heart Academy was the second of the two proms the couple attended this year. Irving's prom for Chaminade High School, which he referred to as "Aqua Prom," was held on a boat on May 15. After high school, Green plans to attend Nassau County Community College to pursue a career in culinary arts, while Irving plans to pursue a pre-med track at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland.

For Sacred Heart Academy student Olivia Rhein, prom was more than just as celebration of the end of senior year, it was also a celebration of the end of her childhood. As the senior strutted down the redbrick walkway onto the promenade terrace outside Woodbury Country Club's ballroom, the was immediately greeted with screams of "Happy birthday!" from a chorus of supportive friends and classmates.

"I turn 18 today," Rhein said as she wrapped her arm around her date, Arthur Natale, of Chaminade High School. "It's super exciting."

Rhein, of Glen Cove, has had a very busy senior year. In early May, she became the first Long Island female to win the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship -- a prestigious award which granted her full tuition for four years at Miami University in Ohio. Rhein started caddying at the North Shore Country Club in Glen Head when she was a sophomore, and plans on returning to work during her summers home from school.

"I hope when I'm at school, I can study international business, and still spend my summers caddying," she said.

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