How did you meet your spouse or partner? Use this form to tell your Love Story in your own words, and we'll publish the most interesting ones online and in print. The story must be told from one person's point of view. Be sure to include the best way to contact you. Email

Here are some ideas/prompts to include in your email:

  • How you and your spouse met (include what year, what town, how old you both were);
  • Your first date and courtship;
  • The proposal and wedding;
  • What are you doing now (current occupation or, if retired, previous occupation, military service, volunteer work, clubs and/or hobbies);
  • What's special about your spouse;
  • How you're celebrating your anniversary;
  • Is there a story that you, as a couple, are famous for — honorable or humorous?
  • If you could talk to your younger newlywed self, what would you say?

Email, and we'll be in touch.