Bellport Village Hall is shown on June 10, 2013.

Bellport Village Hall is shown on June 10, 2013. Credit: Brittany Wait

Bellport officials say they want to strengthen their short- and long-term rental policies and have scheduled a meeting about the issue for Tuesday.

Village homeowners can rent out properties without restrictions as long as they vacate the property during the visitor’s stay.

But Bellport Village Mayor Ray Fell said Wednesday he would like to see 16 days between rentals and a limit on how many times a homeowner can rent a property in a 12-month period.

Despite trying to settle on specific rules of short-term rentals for two years, the board hasn’t gotten far in the process, village trustee Steve Mackin said.

“We’re still basically at square one. Short-term rentals need to be addressed. We need to define what a short-term rental is,” Mackin said. He added he considers a short-term rental one that lasts 14 days or less.

For several months last year, it appeared village officials would adopt a resolution setting guidelines on home rentals. Among the requirements would be that homeowners paid $250 to register their residences as a rental property and install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. A $100 lease fee and a $75 municipal use identification card also would have been required.

But board members were split on the issue and the action last December was never approved.

“This year, I think the board is more focused and will come to an agreement on rentals,” Fell said. Board members last year amended village code to allow bed-and-breakfasts in the professional and business districts, where just one now operates.

In 2015, board members adopted a bed-and-breakfast code that would have allowed them in residential neighborhoods but never filed it with the New York Department of State for approval, as required.

The village board meets on the home rentals issues at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Village Hall.

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