The Halesite Fire Department responded to a fire aboard a...

The Halesite Fire Department responded to a fire aboard a 40-foot recreational boat that was docked at the Huntington Yacht Club located on East Shore Road in Huntington. Although people were on the boat at the time, no injuries reported, a fire official said.(Aug. 25, 2013) Credit: Halesite Fire Department

A boat caught fire Sunday night at the Huntington Yacht Club, but no one was hurt, officials said.

The Halesite Fire Department received a call for a boat fire about 7:47 p.m. at the yacht club, located on East Shore Road, said Chief Dan McConnell.

"It was a fire below deck. Heavy black smoke was showing," he said. "I had firefighters, probably about 30 firefighters, at the scene from the Halesite Fire Department. Then I had mutual aid from the Huntington Fire Department and the Centerport Fire Department and they both sent fire boats."

The owners of the boat, named Quick Whit, were on the boat at the time of the incident and called in the fire directly, said McConnell. It was unclear whether others were on the boat, he said.

Firefighters -- about 16 units on the scene -- had the fire under control by 9:03 p.m., McConnell said. There were no injuries and no one was taken to the hospital, he said.

The cause of the fire remained undetermined, McConnell said. "Arson was called as a normal practice for any fire. It's under investigation, but it's not suspicious."

The recreational boat is described as 401/2 feet long, 141/2 feet wide and built in 2003, according to the U.S. Coast Guard's maritime informational exchange website.

McConnell said the fire did not span to any other boats at the yacht club.

"The quick work of the firefighters who had tremendous experience practicing for this type of emergency were able to confine the fire to the boat of origin," he said. "The boat was towed from the Huntington Yacht Club to a private marina, where it was taken out of the water to determine the damage."

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