Notices of housing code violations have been issued at another home in East Hampton Town that is used to house counselors who work at the local Hampton Country Day Camp owned by HCDC Holdings LLC -- a company in which Nassau County Democratic chairman Jay Jacobs is the main shareholder and managing partner.

The house, at 209 Buckskill Rd., is the second East Hampton house owned by the Glen Cove-based HCDC to be cited for code violations this month. Both houses are used to provide free living quarters to camp counselors.

Town Supervisor Larry Cantwell said in a telephone interview Thursday that violations were issued for the Buckskill Road property on Tuesday for an addition and a deck that were put on the structure and for a shed that was installed without certificates of occupancy.

"They didn't close out the COs [certificates of occupancy]," Cantwell said. He said of the issuance of the new round of violations for an HCDC property: "It's just part of an effort or efforts we're making in respect to those properties."

Jacobs said that Newsday was the first to bring the new allegations to his attention so he was unaware there was an issue with the Buckskill Road house. "Nothing has been given to me," he said of any new citations. "Our attorneys will deal with all of it."

As for Cantwell's comments, Jacobs said, "I don't think that's accurate. I think this is getting to be a little bit of harassment."

He said the mortgage taken out on the Buckskill Road house involved a title survey that required that everything be in order and he said nothing has been added to the property.

"The good news is there are no safety violations, but now I really think the town is involving itself in selective enforcement," Jacobs said. "We bought that property as is."

Town officials cited another HCDC camp counselor house at 17 Ocean Blvd. for 61 violations on Aug. 5 and that matter is scheduled to be heard in court in two proceedings later this month.

The 61 violations include alleged overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, missing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and an improper change of use of the single-family house.trimmed after consulting MT-Li desk not responding-nmIn previous interviews Jacobs has said the charges relating to the Ocean Boulevard house were baseless or exaggerated.

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