The DEC detected a marine biotoxin in shellfish in Southampton's...

The DEC detected a marine biotoxin in shellfish in Southampton's western Shinnecock Bay. Credit: Newsday / Randee Daddona

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on Wednesday temporarily banned harvesting carnivorous gastropods and shellfish in Southampton’s western Shinnecock Bay after detecting a marine biotoxin in shellfish.

Biotoxins may accumulate in oysters, clams and other filter-feeding shellfish, as well as in gastropods such as conchs and moon snails, according to a news release from the department. The presence of the toxins can make the creatures a hazard to humans.

“DEC will reopen areas as soon as possible based on the results of laboratory analyses that will be conducted over the next few weeks,” according to the release.

For updates on the status of the temporary closure call the DEC at 631-444-0480.

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