Two swastikas were found scrawled on the doors of a synagogue in North Baldwin Sunday, Nassau police said.

The 4-inch swastikas were discovered inked near the front door handles of the Baldwin Jewish Center in North Baldwin. Police said they probably were drawn Sunday between 12:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

The synagogue's leaders said the symbols were probably the work of misguided youths. They were drawn in what appeared to be black marker with the bars counterclockwise - the opposite direction of the Nazi symbol, said Rabbi Abraham Garmaize of the Baldwin Jewish Center.

"It looks like a childish act," Garmaize said. "But it's a reminder that, 'Hey, wake up, you are a Jew and there is anti-Semitism.'

"As a symbol to a Jew, [the swastika] is the culmination, the pinnacle, the summit of evil," he said.

One of the co-presidents of the 85-year-old synagogue, Michael Eisman, called it "a little nonsensical vandalism," but added: "I don't think that the people who did it really understand the significance. . . . We're concerned in that we would like kids to understand what they're doing, but we're not worried that someone wants us out."

The graffiti comes two days before the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which celebrates the giving of the Torah.

Another president who discovered the graffiti Sunday morning said one of the congregation's members probably will paint over the swastikas before the holiday.

"Of course, it's disturbing," said the president, who declined to give her name for fear of being targeted.

Nassau police said anyone with any information on this case should call Crime Stoppers at 800-244-TIPS.

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