Uber headquarters in San Francisco.

Uber headquarters in San Francisco. Credit: AP / Eric Risberg

Next time you ride in an Uber, make sure you take your monthly LIRR pass and Cuban cigars with you.

The ride-hailing service this month released its annual Lost and Found index of common and wacky items passengers reported leaving behind the previous year. While it’s the second year Uber has released a report nationally, the service has only operated on Long Island and collected data here since June 29.

The most common items left in Nassau and Suffolk Ubers: cellphones, followed by wallets and keys. Uber also reported that Long Islanders tend to leave behind eyeglasses, backpacks and bags, vaping devices and headphones.

That list is nearly identical to the national one, though Long Island residents seem to do better than average at remembering to take their driver’s licenses — licenses and IDs were ranked the 10th most commonly lost item nationally but did not appear on the Long Island list.

Uber said the most forgetful cities include DuBois, Pennsylvania; Athens, Georgia; Stillwater, Oklahoma; Shreveport, Louisiana and Boone, North Carolina. Passengers reported leaving behind everything from divorce papers to a Nintendo 64 to a “letter from my boyfriend who is in jail.”

Locally, the company said customers left behind more distinctly New York items, such as a “Silver flask that says NYU Stern on the cover,” an LIRR monthly pass, a Yankees baseball cap and beach equipment, including a boogie board and beach chair.

The company was also informed of a lost “bag of meat,” “Kylie Jenner lipstick,” Cuban cigars and “silver case of darts” on Long Island Uber trips.

Long Islanders most frequently reported losing items on Sundays, with Saturdays coming in second, according to the report. The days on which people were most forgetful during the last 10 months were New Year’s Day, Oct. 29, Thanksgiving, Nov. 19 and Dec. 10.

Uber said passengers who leave items behind can contact their driver through the app to retrieve their property.

10 Most Frequently Forgotten Items in Long Island Ubers

1. Phone

2. Wallet

3. Keys

4. Clothing

5. Glasses

6. Bag

7. Vape

8. Backpack

9. Headphones

10. Books

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