Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during an interview with the...

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during an interview with the Associated Press at Putin's Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow on Sept. 3, 2013. Credit: AP

Suddenly, the Russian president is looking like Vladimir-the-Not-So-Great.

Vladimir Putin has made no secret of his ambitions of empire, hoping to reverse the many humiliations his homeland has suffered since the collapse of the Soviet Union a quarter century ago. In this, he has taken strong inspiration from Alexander the Great, the young Greek king whose tireless military campaigns assembled one of the most extensive empires of the ancient world, stretching from Greece to Egypt into present-day Pakistan.

Who better than Putin to bring the muscular glory back to Moscow?

His nascent campaign was romping into eastern Ukraine, generating only grumbles in Europe and sanctions from the United States. Then Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down a short tank ride from the Russian border, and things instantly got far dicier for Putin's voracious cause.

Add all the required caveats here. We don't know this, we don't know that. But we do know this much: The world was shocked. The excuses sounded flimsy. The early signs all pointed to a missile launched by Putin's surrogates in Ukraine. And the Russian president, suddenly on the defensive, didn't quite know what to say.

Not so great, Vladimir. Not so great.


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We'd certainly have blamed them if the results had been different. But the trains are still running -- and they will be. So praise where it's due: With a little shove from Andrew Cuomo, negotiators from the MTA and the train workers' union managed to reach a contract three short days before America's busiest commute railroad ground to ugly halt. What can you say? Whew! Thank you! And please don't wait so close to the deadline next time!

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