Nassau County winners of MSG Varsity’s “The Challenge” from Oceanside...

Nassau County winners of MSG Varsity’s “The Challenge” from Oceanside High School: from left, Zach Zagorski, Blake Smith, David Sheynberg and Joe Fridman. Credit: MSG Varsity

Oceanside High School’s recent win on “The Challenge,” MSG Varsity’s televised academic game show, was a platform for the students involved to show off their knowledge, poise and dedication — and not just for those in front of the camera.

Behind the scenes, two Oceanside students were also putting their skills on public display as they documented their Challenge team’s road to victory.

Junior Zachary Feldman and senior Daniel Jaimes, both students in Audrey Miller’s broadcasting class at the high school, filmed the team at the semifinals and finals, and conducted interviews with the students at school and the host of "The Challenge."

Miller said the opportunity was thanks to a partnership the school has with MSG Varsity that granted the broadcasting students nearly full access behind the scenes of the show.

She said MSG Varsity staff did light edits after her students turned in their finished product. The video aired on TV and online.

Miller, the high school art coordinator, said Feldman plans to make a career out of broadcasting and videography. He attended both matches and edited the video after Oceanside was named the Nassau County champion.

Miller said Jaimes, who is going into the U.S. Air Force after graduation, was a “late bloomer” in her class who turned out to be an “excellent” camera man.

She called the opportunity a phenomenal one for the students.

“Just the experience of being able to do this, making real industry contacts and getting new ideas,” she said. “It was like putting a kid in a candy store.” 

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