Jordan Hope, a 25-year-old old singer/songwriter from Patchogue, performs Friday...

Jordan Hope, a 25-year-old old singer/songwriter from Patchogue, performs Friday at the Brickhouse Brewery during the "Mother of Earth Day" celebration. (April 22, 2011) Credit: Drew Moss

Widely regarded as one of Suffolk County’s premier venues for original music and local activism, The Brickhouse Brewery pushed the envelope for its all night “Mother of Earth Day” celebration on Friday.

Painters, photographers, jewelry designers and other artists of every shade created an all-night shopping bazaar on the brewery’s top floor as hundreds of celebrants crammed into the downstairs bar and live music space for an evening of choice microbrews and entertainment featuring a bill of all female singers and songwriters.

Brickhouse general manager Jim Skidmore saw an Earth Day celebration as a no brainer.

“Giving respect to our Mother Earth gives us hope for the future and the magic that happens everyday,” said Skidmore.

“[The participants] worked together as a community to express ourselves in a positive and loving manner. Our hope is to bring attention to the delicate balance which provides us with nourishment for our spirit, our lives and our passions.”

Even for those who aren’t as hooked into the Earth Day vibe, the event was an eye opener.

“I’ve never celebrated Earth Day,” said Jenna Casillo, 25, of Riverhead. “I’m an avid recycler, though, and I think we all need to be aware of what the Earth has to offer us. I think in general, we just need to take care of it.”

The evening’s music was capped by a late night performance by the Mama Pachas, an all-star band comprised of some of the Island’s best female musicians including Alanna Richards (vocals) Pauline Salotti (multi-instrumentalist/vocals), Tara Eberle (bass/vocals), Rorie Kelly (guitar/vocals) and Katie Pearlman (drums/vocals).

“We need to remind everyone, not only women, that we should celebrate ourselves just the way we are -- every one of us beautifully different.” Kelly said. “We need to celebrate everything that the Earth has given us if we're going to get people to treat it with respect and kindness.”