Paul Marsac has a Syosset auto body shop next to...

Paul Marsac has a Syosset auto body shop next to the LIRR tracks on Underhill Blvd. The sidewalk for his shop continues past the railroad tracks, so he cleans the entire area. But lemon-sized, sharp-edged rocks have started falling from the area alongside the tracks, cascading through the chain fence. (March 25, 2011) Credit: Gwen Young

Several years ago, Nassau County stopped taking care of the sidewalk along Underhill Boulevard in Syosset. As a business owner on that street, I decided to cut the grass and pick up the trash since the county wasn't doing it. All was going well until the LIRR started working on the tracks. Split bluestones have been falling through the wire mesh fence, collecting in large quantities on the sidewalk. Last April, I started making phone calls to the LIRR and sending emails asking them to clean up the stones. Nothing has been done, and they act as though they don't know what I'm talking about when I call.

-- Paul Marsac, Bethpage


Those stones will no longer be gathering moss, Mr. Marsac.

Shortly after we talked with LIRR spokesman Sal Arena, two officials paid a visit to the site, and the next day, LIRR workers were on Underhill Boulevard, making sure the stones were moved from the long sidewalk to the other side of the fence.

Mr. Marsac said that while 100 percent of the stones were not removed from the edge by the fence, just about all of the sidewalk was cleared of the potential tripping hazards.

For problems concerning LIRR property, call 718-217-5477; say "More options" and then "Public Affairs" to be connected to an employee.



Brookhaven: We'll fix driveway flooding problem

I have a problem with my driveway flooding. The Town of Brookhaven built a road adjacent to my home a number of years ago. Ever since then, with every hard rain, my driveway collects at least two inches of water. I asked the town to increase the capacity of the storm drain in front of my house. One of the problems is that a drain wasn't added to the new road and the water from there drains to the front of my home.


--Peter DiFiore, Medford


Town of Brookhaven officials say they're going to fix this problem for you, Mr. DiFiore.

Shortly after we called, the Highway Department sent engineers to inspect the drainage setup at your intersection to determine the reason for the periodic flooding and find a solution."The engineers determined that the location is at the lowest point on the street, which accounts for much of the flooding," town spokesman Jack Krieger said.

The catch basin in front of your home was cleaned and there are plans to deepen it, if possible, this spring. The town will also go that extra step and install a basin for the new road, he said. The highway department has already started prepping the area by marking out the utilities.

Town of Brookhaven residents with flooding concerns can contact the town's highway department at 631-451-9200.




Oyster Bay checks broken parking meters


There are several broken parking meters in a Town of Oyster Bay parking lot on Veterans Boulevard, just north of the Massapequa train station. I am a cardiac patient with peripheral artery disease and park there when I visit my doctor. At my last doctor's appointment, I had to pull into several spots to find a working meter. Several calls have been made to the Town of Oyster Bay.

-- Wilhelmina Allogiamento, Wantagh


Within a week of our call, the Town of Oyster Bay sent workers to check each of the roughly three dozen parking meters in the lot -- inserting coins to make sure they were operational.

Town spokeswoman Marta Kane said workers found one meter that needed a battery replacement. A handful of other meters had homemade "BROKEN METER" signs taped to them or plastic bags placed over them, but they were all functioning properly when tested, she said.

Kane encouraged residents to report broken meters to the town's highway department, but be sure to provide the parking lot number as well as the number on the meter itself.

"If we get a call, we send out someone right away," she said. Kane said the highway department had no record of any calls regarding meters at the lot. The town typically checks on the working status of each meter once a month when staff is sent to empty them, she said.

To report a broken meter in the town call the highway department at 516-677-5757.