The grandmother of one of the Medford pharmacy killing victims,...

The grandmother of one of the Medford pharmacy killing victims, Jaime Taccetta, is escorted into the courtroom at Riverhead Criminal Court. (Nov. 10, 2011) Credit: James Carbone

The following are the statements of the loved ones of the victims of the quadruple-slaying at a Medford pharmacy on Father's Day. The statements were made at the sentencing of David Laffer and Melinda Brady, the husband-and-wife team who admitted to their roles in the killings.


Laura Bustamante, daughter of Bryon Sheffield

Bustamante said her mother, Sheila, had been ill and just returned home from heart surgery on the day before the murder.

Her father, Bryon, went to Haven Drugs "as soon as it opened" to fill his wife's prescriptions.

"Tragically, David Laffer and Melinda Brady also went to Haven Drugs that morning, on a thoroughly rehearsed mission to illegally obtain drugs. Laffer had a gun, and he didn't care who or how many people had to die for his mission to be accomplished."

"We kept waiting for our dad to walk in the front door. This all ended when detectives showed up with a brown paper bag full of dad's personal effects -- a jolting reality that this was the only part of dad that was coming home."

"Our dad lived a good life and did not deserve to die on Father's Day, June 19, 2011, and certainly not in such a senseless manner. Today and for the rest of our lives we will mourn the loss of Bryon Sheffield. Any sentence you hand out today will not being him back to us."


Patricia Taccetta, mother of Jaime Lee Taccetta

She talked about Jaime's daughters and her two granddaughters, Miranda and Kaitlyn.

"Mother's Day will be a very sad day for them and never the same. Just like Father's Day will never be the same for my husband, Ralph. After all, she was daddy's little princess. They were robbed of all that, by you, David Laffer and Melinda Brady, who could care less about the life you took on Sunday, June 19, 2011. I hope that you, David Laffer, live to be 100 years old and every minute of every day you have to think about what you took from us. And you, Melinda Brady, I am so glad that you will never be able to have children or the privilege to have a family."

I hope you will live a long life suffering every day like you do. I hope you think about the part you played in the murder of my daughter every day, like I do.

There should be no way that either of them should receive mercy or any time off of their sentences, or any profits from this horrible crime. You both are drug addicts and were more concerned about getting high at any cost, including taking human life. You both are cowards and the scum of the earth for what you did to my family."


Mary Moran, grandmother of Taccetta

"He is a coward," Moran said of Laffer. "He has no soul. His only friend is the David Laffer, I wish you an eternity of misery. I believe the inmates have their own code of justice. May you burn in hell for eternity."


Daniel Taccetta, brother of Taccetta

"Melinda Brady and husband, David Laffer, did the unthinkable this past June 19. Even though Ms. Brady did not pull the trigger and the law can't prove she knew that her husband was going to kill people in an attempt to steal prescription drugs to help fuel their drug habit, in my eyes I feel she is getting away with murder. She helped with the disguise, drove the getaway car and went with her husband to form an alibi, after the murders of four innocent people. She is just as guilty as she is. I think the 25 years is not a long enough sentence. I feel she should get life in prison. She doesn't deserve to be free for what both of them have done. My opinion: Her time should be the most difficult time while serving her sentence. She should think about her part in this crime every minute of every day."

I want to know why they did this and I don't want to hear her medical insurance was running out. That's not an excuse to kill four people. We pay for social service programs through our taxes. They could have went on welfare, if they couldn't afford medical insurance."

"But it wasn't about health insurance, it was about her drug habit."

"These two are animals that don't deserve to live. I wish the death penalty was in New York because I would sit there and watch both of them take their last breath. They didn't see how their actions affected our families and the community. They were being selfish."


The family of Jennifer Mejias was not present and their statement was read by Assistant District Attorney James Chalifoux:

The statement was written on behalf of a sister of Mejias who the prosecutors declined to identify.

"You took my sister and my parent's princess in a matter of minutes. You have no idea the holes you left in the hearts of all the families. We must wake up for the rest of our days, that you had no mercy for our beautiful loved ones."

I hope you think of all those beautiful people you took away from this world for the rest of your days. We cry for them and carry this pain everywhere we go because of you."

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