Philip Manning is the father of Terence John Manning, who...

Philip Manning is the father of Terence John Manning, who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Credit: Mike Roy

I'm writing in regard to "Existential issues for adoptees" [Letters, March 14]. The writer said to those who are searching, "perhaps their birth mother does not want to be found."

I feel a child needs to know about his or her biological parents. I have been looking for my sons, Tommy and Bobby, for more than 20 years. My wife left me and the boys, and I tried to raise them as a single dad. But I lost my job and was forced to place them in a foster home. I joined the U.S. Navy in hopes of getting a better job when I got out, so I could better support them. I was 23 years old at the time.

While I was in the Navy, the boys were going to be forced to go to another foster home that I thought would not be as loving. I agreed to put them up for adoption.

I am seeking them out to tell them I still love them and to explain why I was not able to support and bring them up.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village