Susan Buckheit, 63, has lived in Hampton Bays for the...

Susan Buckheit, 63, has lived in Hampton Bays for the last 18 years. (June 22, 2012) Credit: Erin Geismar

Susan Buckheit, 63

How long have you lived in Hampton Bays?
18 years now.

Where were you before that?
Middle Island. I just kept moving east and eventually settled here. I rented for four years here first before I decided to stay.

Why did you decide to settle here?
I like the location of Hampton Bays and the people. We're fortunate enough to live near the ocean and the bay.

Has the community changed much in the last 18 years?
I think so. It's growing, it's becoming much more of a year-round community. And the population is more diverse.

What are your favorite things to do in town?
Go over to the beach. We have a great library and a lot of activities. They started a St. Patrick's Day parade and the San Gennaro festival.

How does it compare to other places you've lived?
It's very different. It's much more of a hometown. There's a "this is my community" feel.

How would you define the character of Hampton Bays?
It's a spirited community. There's a lot of spirit here. There have been a number of different situations with people needing help and assistance and people have always been willing to help in that regard.

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