George W. Hewlett High School Student Council President Monay Cowan...

George W. Hewlett High School Student Council President Monay Cowan received a surprise promposal from her best friend, fellow Hewlett senior Zach Libal, during orchestra practice for the school's trip to Disney World. Credit: Monay Cowan

A pair of promposals that would make Mickey and Minnie proud were part of the buzz at the George W. Hewlett High School prom at Chateau Briand in Carle Place on Wednesday night.

It started earlier this year when student council president Monay Cowan was making her way to practice for the Hewlett music department's Disney World trip in April. When she arrived in the auditorium, the teacher chastised her for being late, and told her to get in and get serious.

“I should have guessed something was up,” Cowan explained. “Our teacher is always nice and it was weird.”

Cowan headed for the stage, but a friend suddenly said she was sick.

"I went and sat down to make sure she was OK,” Cowan said.

The plan to get her seated and not paying attention to the stage had worked. All of a sudden, the curtain opened to reveal her best friend, fellow Hewlett senior Zach Libal.

He was holding two things. One was a multipicture frame of Cowan and Libal hanging out at different times with one picture missing. The other was a sign asking her to the prom -- so he could fill in the last picture.

"I almost cried," said Cowan, who happily accepted.

On the flight to Disney World, Hewlett senior class president Ashley Ruta received a promposal from her close friend and classmate Gianni Preziosi.

“I asked the flight attendants before we took off if I could ask Ashley to the prom over the loudspeaker,” Preziosi said.

The flight crew agreed, but Ashley threw a wrench in the works.

“I fell asleep,” she said with a big laugh.

“The crew kept asking me if I wanted to do it, but every time I looked over, Ashley was still asleep,” added Preziosi, who finally got a chance when she woke up in time for a trivia contest hosted by the crew.

“The attendant said there was a special question for Ashley Ruta, and then I asked her to the prom,” he said.

“I had a feeling when he popped up he was up to something,” Ashley confessed, “but I was still shocked … and the whole plane applauded!”

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