Yankees' Derek Jeter gets a big hug from CC Sabathia...

Yankees' Derek Jeter gets a big hug from CC Sabathia and the team after hitting a ninth-inning, game-winning base hit against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium on Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

He hit it out of the park.

Not literally, of course. That wouldn't have been pitch-perfect Derek Jeter. The Yankees' shortstop was always more of a single-with-an-RBI-in-the-bottom-of-the-ninth kind of hitter than someone who blasted homers out of the park. Thursday night in the Stadium, Jeter won the game his way.

Coming is easy. Leaving rarely is. Some people just know how to say goodbye!

It's an accident of baseball scheduling that the beloved captain is making his final major league appearance in Boston. But after his storybook hometown goodbye, Jeter could strike out 1-2-3 every time he's at the plate today. Who would even remember? His point is made. His rep is solid. Someone new gets a shot next year.

Nothing lasts forever, in baseball or in life. Just ask Eric Holder. Or anyone else who's left a gig lately. This is just the nature of things. People get older. Priorities change. Relationships fray. When we're lucky, fresh opportunities arrive.

What matters is all you do when you climb into the uniform and run out onto the field -- and everything that's coming next.

With grace and performance and timing, Derek Jeter is getting all of it right.


1. 14 All-Star selections

2. 5 Gold Gloves

3. 5 Silver Sluggers

4. 5 World Championships

5. 1 Really Nice Goodbye

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THE NEWS IN SONG:MY THANK-YOU NOTE: After a long and cheerful run -- longer than Jeter's, longer than Holder's -- this is it for the Sunday Column. From start to finish, it's been an honor and a joy. Thanks for the calls, the emails and the column ideas. Thanks for the snappy asked-and-unanswered suggestions and the noble LIer-of-the-Week nominees. Thanks for making this the liveliest, most interactive journalistic experience I've ever had. I was warned that writing a column could be lonely. Thanks to you it never was. Let's keep talking, OK?

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