These are some of the things said following Manhasset’s 19-9 win over Darien (Ct.) on Monday that didn’t make the article. But we’re not wasteful ‘round here. So, read up!

Halle Majorana had 11 points (five goals and six assists) to lead the Indians

On her five-goal, six-assist performance: “It was the whole offense. Everyone was spread out. We looked good and we were having fun and everyone was playing together. That’s the most important thing.”

On beating Darien so handily: “We don’t go into any game thinking a team is bad or anything. We go in and we play hard.”

Long-range shooting: “My coach hates it. I do it a lot, but she doesn’t like me taking them from the 8. I should get in closer.”

Team rolling with big wins: “It gives us a confidence boost, but we can’t look too far ahead; we have to play one game at a time.” [Reporter interjects: “I hate ‘take it one game at a time.’ That’s one of those overused clichés. How about three games at a time?”] OK, we’ll take it three games at a time.”

On Garden City players (who won’t be named) sitting in the stands at Manhasset: “I think they’re a little scared, that’s what they’re coming to every game,” Majorana yelled in the direction of the Trojans. “[Player’s name omitted] is very afraid of us. [Player yells something back to Majorana that’s inaudible.] “She’s obnoxious, too,” Majorana said. “I’m not even friends with them. I don’t know why they came.”

(Just so we’re clear: It was all playful. She’s friends with several of the Trojans, including the unnamed ones who were at the game. Though Majorana made sure to point out, “We’re not friends on the field.”)

Manhasset coach Danielle Gallagher

Having the team dominate: “It’s definitely a good, fun feeling. It’s good to see things come together. Our win against Chatham on Saturday was big for us, but we hurt ourselves with some turnovers. [Monday] we cleaned those things up, which was great.”

What worked? “Teamwork, all the way around. They played as a unit. The slides were there defensively and, offensively, the majority of our goals were scored off the pass, and as a coach I like seeing that.”

Majorana’s game: “It was great. But I think it’s gonna get harder - other teams will zone in on her, so other kids will have to step it up. That’ll be critical for us, seeing who steps up in our next few games.”

Cathryn Avallone stepped up: “I think she’s always got it. Sometimes she gets complacent, but she can definitely put the ball in the back of the net. I’d love to see her do that more.”

Majorana’s long-shot goals (about the equivalent of pulling up for a 30-foot three-pointer in basketball): “When it works out, let it ride, let it go. But at the same time, that could be a turnover at a critical time in a closer game and it could shoot us in the foot.”

Defense: “As a unit we have a great group of kids in there. Pretty much senior-based, which is going to make it difficult next year, but some of the younger kids are learning. And right now, that group is stepping up and doing what they need to do.”

Darien coach Lisa Lindley

How good is Manhasset? “They’re a good team. They move the ball well in the midfield. If you’re not right on them, you’re gonna pay for it, and we did.”

Did you expect the game to be like this? “I expected them to be this tough. We have a young team and I think they have like 15 seniors. But, regardless of that, they’re a good program and they’re well-coached. Clearly, they have a lot of D-I players.”

On Darien’s daunting non-league schedule that includes New York teams (they’ve got Garden City and Farmingdale booked, too): “We’re getting all our hard games now. And I think, realistically, if we go .500 [in these games] I’ll be happy.”

Cathryn Avallone, who scored five goals

Beating Darien: “We didn’t know exactly what to expect from them, coming from another state. We just knew everyone had to work their hardest. I think we did that.”

Meg Markham, All-American defender/midfielder

On the defense: “We get together after every goal scored against us like, ‘Let’s get this back.’ We try to concentrate on team defense. If one person drives, we’ll slide over to help. That’s one of the best things about our team – playing team defense.”

On Kerri Fleishhacker’s absence (the All-American midfielder has missed two weeks with a severe ankle sprain and will likely sit out the rest of the regular season): “We certainly miss her, but we have good enough players that will step up and try to fill her spot.”

* While recuperating from the injury, Fleishhacker and  Britten Reilly are serving as the team managers, doing a good job with the book and what not ("what not" included reminding everyone on the bench to keep away from the sideline). A big thank you to them for all their help.