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For most of us, the at-home lifestyle often lacks luxury and is more about convenience over anything else. But who says you can't have a bit of both while spicing up the daily routine?

Bring some additional culture and fresh tastes into your home with a 15-bottle box of mixed wine from Wine Insiders. Cut out those trips to the store and move on from those same old brands by exploring everything this bundle has to offer — all at a limited-time value.

Normally priced at $300, this 15-bottle bundle is currently available for only $85, a 71% discount. That savings makes this a great pick for expanding your tasting options for a new season, and for sending a unique gift to someone who would appreciate it.

These wines were selected by Wine Insiders' panel of experts, which approves only five out of every 100 bottles sampled, ensuring only delicious products find their way to your door. For approximately $5 per bottle, this package delivers a variety of the world's most popular and flavorful sips.

Wine Insiders was founded nearly 40 years ago and is a proven resource across the industry, with selections earning more than 1,400 awards since 2015. Their approach ensures the middlemen are eliminated, delivering specially crafted wine from the globe's premier vineyards to customers' doorsteps.

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