The Nassau County Board of Elections has exactly one job.

Run elections.

And here we are, all these days since Tuesday, and they still can't figure out how to count the votes. No one even seemed to know how many votes remained uncounted.

Poll workers were so confused by the new electronic voting systems, they refused to run the emergency ballots through the optical scanning machines.

Election boards are the last bastion of governmentally sanctioned patronage. They are controlled without apology by the political parties.

This is no academic exercise. This is our political process.

Nassau Democratic Elections Commissioner William Biamonte said that most of these uncounted ballots probably fall in the 7th State Senate District, where Mineola Mayor Jack Martins seems to be leading incumbent Craig Johnson by about 415 votes. Thirty-three hundred absentee ballots have yet to be counted. Or maybe more. Or maybe less.

You have to say "maybe" and "seems to be" because nobody really knows.

Including the Nassau County Board of Elections, which has just that one job - running elections.

And when will they get around to, you know, doing the job? Maybe in three weeks or so. Or maybe not.

In the meantime, neither of the two candidates can be sure which of them HAS a job.

Neither of the two parties knows which controls the state Senate.

And the voters will have time to reflect on why the Board of Elections can't do their one job.

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