John Ferretti, Republican incumbent candidate for Nassau County Legislature District...

John Ferretti, Republican incumbent candidate for Nassau County Legislature District 15 Credit: James Escher

Republican John R. Ferretti, 38, is as traditional a Nassau County politician as you’ll find these days, and in some ways that’s a good thing. Ferretti is very knowledgeable about and committed to his home community of Levittown, and the broader district. Because of that his constituent service is strong, and his pushes for infrastructure projects and repairs land with precision.

His successful push to create a registry that alerts neighbors to dogs with a history of violent attacks living within a 1,000-foot radius is one example of his grassroots chops. His ongoing attempt to make the county maintain and shovel sidewalks on county roads within 1,000 feet of schools that abut the rear of residences, which homeowners rarely maintain, is another.

But Ferretti can also be an old-fashioned Nassau political bomb-thrower, too quick to score points off rivals and sow counterproductive dissension.

Democrat Matthew W. Malin is not actively campaigning.

Newsday endorses Ferretti.

Nassau Legislative District 15 covers Central Nassau County, Westbury, Levittown.

ENDORSEMENTS ARE DETERMINED solely by the Newsday editorial board, a team of opinion journalists focused on issues of public policy and governance. Newsday’s news division has no role in this process.

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