WASHINGTON: 7 Gitmo appeals denied

The Supreme Court signaled Monday it will not review claims from remaining Guantánamo detainees, leaving their fate in the hands of the Obama administration. The justices turned down appeals from seven detainees, all of whom had lost before judges in Washington, arguing they had been denied the "meaningful opportunity" for freedom the high court promised four years ago. Jose Padilla, the lone American citizen arrested in this country and held as an "enemy combatant" also had his case turned away. "To date, not a single victim of the Bush administration's torture regime has received his day in court, " said ACLU lawyer Ben Wizner.

NEW JERSEY: Porn merchant indicted

A Ukrainian man federal prosecutors say may be the most significant distributor of child pornography ever prosecuted in the United States was charged in Newark on Monday with operating a network of websites. Maksym Shynkarenko, 33, of Kharkov, Ukraine, operated a Ukraine-based child pornography website that had customers around the world and has resulted in 560 convictions in the United States alone, the U.S. attorney's office for New Jersey said. A 32-count indictment was released Monday.

MONTANA: Hitchhiker shot in drive-by

Ray Dolin, 39, of West Virginia, who said he was hitchhiking across the country and writing a memoir about kindness, was injured in a seemingly random drive-by shooting near the Bakken oil patch. Dolin was shot in the arm as he approached a pickup Saturday, thinking he was being offered a ride, police said. Lloyd Christopher Danielson III, 52, was arrested four hours later. Authorities said he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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