Dylan Moye rides his bike past Donald Trump protesters gathered...

Dylan Moye rides his bike past Donald Trump protesters gathered in downtown West Palm Beach, Fla., as the president and his wife, Melania, attend the 60th annual Red Cross Ball at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday Feb. 4, 2017. Credit: AP

About 1,000 protesters are holding a rally outside Trump Plaza, a luxury waterfront condo building in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Protesters shouted "We want a leader, not an angry tweeter," Saturday evening and set up a flag-draped coffin that they said represented the death of democracy.

They're expected to march two miles to President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, where he's staying this weekend.

Demonstrations were held Saturday in cities around the country including in Denver, Colorado, where thousands gathered for a rally in support of the Muslim community. Participants carried signs, heard speeches, sang and chanted.

In New York City, thousands of LGBT Americans gathered outside the New York City bar where the gay rights movement was born, demanding that the president suspend his immigration ban.

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