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The suspected schizophrenic stalker of celebrity heiress Ivanka Trump was back in jail yesterday for allegedly continuing to badger “The Apprentice” star and her family.

Justin Massler, 28, who has said in YouTube rants that aliens are controlling him and his home address is a “volcano in Hawaii,” pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court. A judge, however, ordered him to undergo a psychiatric exam with his bail pending.

Massler, of Nevada, had skipped out on previous court dates for stalking charges. For the past couple of months, he was reportedly living on the streets of Los Angeles before he was extradited to New York.

Prosecutors say Massler has harassed Trump, a 29-year-old mom-to-be, through letters, e-mails, tweets and visits to her Madison Avenue jewelry store for more than two years.

Massler reportedly proclaimed on his now-defunct blog, “I am a celebrity stalker who is obsessed with Ivanka Trump” and also threatened her husband, newspaper mogul Jared Kushner. In some messages he fawned over Trump, but in others he has referred to her as a “diseased elitist.”

Massler’s lawyer, George Vomvolakis, told the New York Post that Massler may be seeking attention or his wacky behavior could be something “more mental.”


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