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Beyonce and Jay-Z Credit: Beyonce and Jay-Z (Getty)

You've probably heard the words "Blue" and "Ivy" more times than you can stand in the past day or two, and you've probably said something like "Ugh, I'm so not a fan."

Here's the thing, though: Beyonce and Jay-Z might not exactly be fans of what you named your kid, either.

We get it - by choosing to be in the public eye, they open themselves up to the masses critiquing the life out of their choices, but detractors would be crowing whether the superstar pair went all yupster on us ("Welcome to the world little Madison, Bella, Ava or Chloe!") or chose something extremely ethnic. So in our opinion, they did OK.

Plus Jay-Z fans know that "Blue" holds meaning for him, judging by the fact that he often raps about the shade and released three "Blueprint" albums.

"Ivy," meanwhile, reportedly references the Roman numeral for the number four, significant for both Bey and Jay. Beyoncé's birthday is Sept. 4, Jay-Z's is Dec.
4, they were married on April 4, 2008, and the singer's latest album is titled "4."

We think it's cool that the pair exercised a little sentimentality - since this celebrikid might actually like her name. (Ahem, Pilot Inspektor, Audio Science and Jermajesty Jackson.)

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