Barbecued wings, ice cream cones, an egg salad sandwich … and a MetroCard?

A Brooklyn blogger fed up by impromptu picnics on the subway is on a mission to expose the smelly, sloppy misdeeds of “slobhangers,” posting photos of the offenders on his blog “Train Pigs.”

“People are feeding themselves five-course meals. It’s freaking disgusting what’s going on down there,” said the 34-year-old local TV broadcaster, who declined to give his name because his employer isn’t thrilled by the blog.

The lifelong New Yorker surreptitiously snaps photos of commuters with his cell phone and posts them on the site (, which has attracted 25,000 hits since it launched last year. Sickened commuters generated about 40 percent of the 300 posts, according to the “Head Pigparazzi in Charge,” as the blogger calls himself.

Recent posts include:
- A woman gorging on black bean soup on the No. 1 train during rush hour

- A pair feeding each other tofu and broccoli with chopsticks on the N train

- A hipster chowing down on a fragrant onion bagel with onion cream cheese on the L train

“That's nasty,” said Tricia Brown, 31, a Brooklyn rider who recently saw a woman spill part of her sandwich on the train and throw the wrapper on the floor.

According to MTA rules, drinking anything in an open container is illegal, and those caught doing it can receive a $25 fine. Eating is not banned, but it is discouraged “because food that falls to the floor may attract vermin,” NYC Transit spokeswoman Deidre Parker said.

(Taneish Hamilton contributed to this story)


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