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On his latest tour, British singer-songwriter David Gray exchanges his mainstream pop style for the folk-rock sound that started his career.

Titled "Lost and Found," the tour highlights songs from his latest album, "Foundling" — filled with soft piano melodies and acoustic guitars — as well as songs from "Lost Songs 95-98" and reinterpretations of popular hits.

amNewYork spoke with Gray.

What's special about this tour?
We're getting rid of the big wall of noise that a rock show is. We're getting much, much quieter. We're mic-ing up lots of stuff.

How is "Foundling" different from your past albums?
I know the importance of having a track you can get on the radio — of the difference that will make to getting a record out, to how many people you?ll have at the shows, to the vibe of the whole thing. But with this record, that wasn't even in the picture; the radio didn't even come into it.

Why did you return to your earlier sound?
I was reverting to a sound that I feel passion for. ... It's a very, very stripped-down record. On a lot of the tracks, there?s not very much going on at all. It does seem like I'm traveling full circle ... but I think that's what music does anyway. It's a record I wish I'd made when I started.

What's next?
I want to make a pop record. Get the weird synths out. Let's get a positive attitude going. I don't know if we can manage that in rainy London, but we'll try.

If you go: David Gray is at the Beacon Theater Wednesday at 8 p.m. 2124 Broadway, 212-465-6500, $39.50-$79.50.


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