Rhythm & Bliss Massage

Rhythm & Bliss Massage Credit: Rhythm & Bliss Massage

Typically, when I enter the serene environment of a spa treatment room, I pretty much tune out the soft, soothing tunes playing in the background.

But earlier this week, I was 100% tuned in to the music when I checked out Bliss' new Rhythm & Bliss Massage.

The premise: Clients choose their own playlist genre for the massage - Rock, Ethnic/World, Chill/Lounge or Classical - and listen to the songs through a pair of noise-canceling headphones. The therapist - who hears the same music in the background - coordinates the massage to the beats. Like, if a track has drawn-out beats, the therapist may use longer, slower motions.

For my massage, I chose the rock soundtrack - easily the most obvious anti-soothing mix of the bunch - which included tunes from bands like the Beatles, Aerosmith, U2 and Led Zeppelin.

On the one hand, it was a cool change to hear the songs I liked while getting a massage. And, the music-move coordination definitely made some of the massage work more intense as I listened and felt the same rhythms. It was also easy to coordinate with my therapist: She gave me hand signals to use if I wanted more or less pressure, or didn't like something.

That said, at times, the music seemed to take over the massage experience. Instead of just kicking back, relaxing and letting the therapist do her thing, I was singing songs in my head and thinking about the next track.

The massage itself was one of the best I've ever had - mostly the result of the amazing therapist, but I'm sure in part to the musical element - so I'd definitely recommend music-lovers looking for an atypical treatment give it a whirl.

If you go: The Rhythm & Bliss Massage is available at all NYC Bliss locations (blissworld.com for locations), and costs $155 for 75 minutes.

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