Giants offensive lineman David Diehl, who drove his BMW into two parked cars on an Astoria street while celebrating the Croatian soccer team's victory over Ireland last June, pleaded guilty Monday to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

Diehl, 32, will be under the supervision of Queens Criminal Court for the next six months. He must continue his participation in the NFL substance abuse treatment program, attend a victim impact panel (an awareness program sensitizing first-time DWI offenders to the pain drunk drivers can cause others), pay $1,200 in restitution to the owners of the vehicles he damaged, not drive or apply for a driver's license, and wear a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor.

Diehl is scheduled for the first of three compliance conferences on April 19. If he complies successfully with all the conditions in his alternative sentencing, the aggravated DWI charge will be dismissed and he will be sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge on the driving while impaired charge.

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