Hillary Clinton in undated file photo.

Hillary Clinton in undated file photo. Credit: Getty Images

As President Barack Obama continues to struggle some Democrats are beginning to wonder: Should they have backed Hillary Clinton in 2008?

"There's a clear sentiment that [Obama] doesn't seem to be tough," said Matt Dickinson, who teaches political science at Middlebury College. Clinton “has more practical experience on how to get things done. On a tactical level, she would have negotiated better."

Leslie Bennetts, contributing editor to Vanity Fair, wrote in The Daily Beast, "Among many of the 18 million Americans who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008, the reaction is simple and bitter: 'We told you so.' "

She added that "liberals are particularly incensed by what they see as his capitulation to conservatives on fundamental liberal principles."

Still, Dickinson said the argument for Clinton is mostly about temperament and perseverance.

“She's a fighter, she's someone who's been through the wars," he said. “She knows that you just have to keep at it and you can't just compromise right away and get what you want."

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