Cuomo Credit: Office of the Governor

Legalizing casino gaming in New York has taken a hit in the polls -- as has its top advocate.

While New Yorkers were split 52%-44% last month in favor of opening non-Indian gaming halls, there's now a 49%-48% opposition to the proposal, according to a Siena College poll released Monday.

Still, its most powerful supporter -- Gov. Andrew Cuomo -- has already urged the state Legislature to move on the issue, which has several hoops to pass through before a full-fledged casino can open.

The poll also found:

69%: Have a favorable opinion of Cuomo, down 74% from last month

49%: Believe Cuomo has had no effect on the pride that residents have for being New Yorkers, while 33% believe he's improved how they feel

40%: Believe Cuomo should veto the new legislative district lines the Legislature is crafting vs. 29% who think he should approve them. The governor has said he will veto the lines unless an independent commission draws them up.

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