Adam Rapp

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Morning routine with…
Adam Rapp, 43. novelist, filmmaker and an Obie Award-winning playwright. His play, “Animals and Plants” will be performed as part of the “HotelMotel” double feature at the. Gershwin Hotel, 7 East 27th Street, starting Aug. 10. Previews begin Thursday.

What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning?
Did I remember to take my vitamins the night before? It’s my little neurotic health question for myself. Who’s turn is it to walk the dog?

When do you wake up?
If I don’t have an early rehearsal I get up around 10:30 or 11. But if I see the dog staring at me, I know it’s time to wake up and start.

How does your morning differ depending on what you’re working on at the time?
I like to wake up as late as possible. Early. Early mornings are hardcore. I set my alarm and bounce out of bed.

I like to lay in bed and daydream a bit. I’m kind of famous in my family for sleeping as long as I possibly can. I’ll take as many hours as I can. I’m kind of a sleepaholic.

I work late in the day and late at night, which leads to my late mornings.

How does your day get started?
I’m often woken up by something neurotic from the day before and run to my office to write it down before going back to sleep.

How will the day the show opens start for you?

I’ll try to go get some coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker. But I probably drink some coffee during opening week. I try to stay away from caffeine during the morning because it makes me jittery.

My morning is centered around getting my emails and work done so I can clear my day to play basketball at the Y. Playing ball keeps me balanced.

Favorite breakfast?
I’m an oatmeal person. No raisins. I like oatmeal with bananas and brown sugar. And I like fresh orange juice. And then I’ll totally ruin the healthy thing and have a chocolate croissant too. 

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