This week, we grill Tim and Nina Zagat, the husband-and-wife duo behind the famous namesake restaurant guide. The couple answered our questions jointly in an email.

Q: Is food the first thing on your mind?

A: [Nina] No. The news and my emails are first, then a cup of tea. [Tim] First, I like to find out what Nina has been up to for the past hour and a half. Then I like to have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper.

Q: Do you eat breakfast at home or at a restaurant?

A: Almost always at home. Occasionally, we have meetings at a restaurant.

Q: What’s your favorite place to grab a bite in NYC?

A: Home.

Q: Not a five-star restaurant?

A: We prefer to eat at home because the fridge is always open and there’s no dress code.

Q: If you cooked breakfast for the public in NYC, what kind of Zagat rating would they give it?

A: If it were our NYC breakfast — cup of tea or coffee, a piece of toast and a piece of fruit — not much. But if it were our [Millerton, N.Y.] breakfast — local eggs, brioche, Nina’s homemade jams, a selection of seasonal fruits — excellent.

Q: Do you have the same tastes in restaurants/food?

A: Yes, we generally have the same tastes, except that Tim eats more red meat.

Q: Any exercise routines to work off all those calories?

A: We have a trainer who comes to the house four days a week.

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