Yasmin Seweid is accused of lying about being harassed by...

Yasmin Seweid is accused of lying about being harassed by three men on a subway earlier this month, a source said. Credit: NCPD

A Muslim woman who claimed she had been attacked earlier this month by three men screaming “Donald Trump” on a Manhattan subway train was charged Wednesday with filing a false report after admitting she made up the story, according to the NYPD.

Yasmin Seweid, 18, a Baruch College student from New Hyde Park, was arrested and charged with obstructing governmental administration and filing the false report, both misdemeanors, according to police.

In a widely reported story, Seweid had claimed that she was accosted by the men Dec. 1 before and after getting on a Manhattan No. 6 subway car at 23rd Street about 10 p.m. She had originally claimed that the men taunted her with Trump’s name, grabbed her handbag and tried to pull off her hijab before she fled, according to reports at the time.

But after repeated questioning by detectives, Seweid admitted she had fabricated the report, according to a law enforcement source.

Wednesday, police said Seweid signed a statement admitting her claims about the attack were false. She was taken to central booking for a court appearance.

Seweid had been reported missing since Dec. 7 by her family but was later found at the home of a friend. The law enforcement source who didn’t want to be identified said that friction between Seweid and her family appears to have been sparked by her dating a young man.

Seweid’s brother, Abdoul Seweid, 22, said the charges weren’t true.

“All I know is she was supposed to see a sketch artist,” at the Seventh Precinct in Manhattan. He added: “I don’t know how it goes from her seeing a sketch artist to her getting locked up.”

— With Mark Morales

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