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Newt Gingrich is set to bid adieu to yet another presidential campaign.

Gingrich will suspend his third presidential campaign Tuesday in Washington, D.C., a senior campaign source told NBC News, after Mitt Romney swept all five primaries Tuesday, including Delaware, where Gingrich had invested what little was left of his campaign.

The date was chosen to give his family time to travel to the area, according to NBC.

"It's pretty clear Gov. Romney is going to be the nominee," Gingrich reportedly said at a campaign stop Wednesday. "I think you have to at some point be honest with what's happening in the real world, as opposed to what you'd like to have happened."

On Wednesday morning, Gingrich told Romney in a phone call that he would back the former Massachusetts governor in the general election, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Romney told the former House speaker that whatever decision Gingrich made, he would support it. "if you're going to suspend your campaign, I want you to come help me," Romney said, the Journal reported.

Romney's camp did not comment on the conversation, and it is unclear what role Gingrich will play in the Romney campaign.

Gingrich's campaign will come to a close more than $4 million in debt and with two primary wins in South Carolina and Georgia.

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