Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Credit: Getty

Like any true New Yorker, TriBeCa resident Nick Cannon appreciates the simple pleasures and the upscale perks of the city, which he shares with his wife, Mariah Carey. Cannon, whose weekday gig is a morning radio show host on 92.3 NOW, is hosting the station’s One Night Stand concert on Saturday. These are his favorite NYC spots.

1. Apollo Theater (253 W. 125th St., 212-531-5305): “World’s greatest amateur showcase.”

2. Empire State Building (350 Fifth Ave., 212-736-3100): “This place has special meaning. It was part of my engagement to my wife, Mariah.”

3. Famous Ray’s Pizza (465 Sixth Ave., 212-243-3010): “Nothing like an authentic New York slice.”

4. Gray’s Papaya (various NYC locations): “Best hot dogs. Gotta love that Recession Special.”

5. Tom Ford (845 Madison Ave., 212-359-0300): “They call me Reverend Dressy Jackson, and this store is a big part of that.”

6. Hermès (690 Madison Ave., 212-308-3585): “My suits are fresh, but it’s the accessories that make any outfit.” 

7. Madison Square Garden (Seventh Ave., btwn 31st and 33rd sts., 212-465-6741): “The greatest arena on earth, and my wife looks amazing on this stage.”

8. Mr Chow (121 Hudson St., 212-965-9500): “Can’t get enough of those noodles.”

9. Rucker Park (155th St. and Frederick Douglass Blvd.): “Where true athletes and entertainers come out to play.”

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