Thousands of viewers who have been watching a live video stream of two hawks incubating eggs in a nest on a Manhattan high-rise seemed likely to receive a payoff at any moment -- the eggs appeared to be hatching.

The red-tailed hawks became Internet stars after making their home on a window ledge of New York University's Bobst Library, outside the office of President John Sexton.

For months, only Sexton and visitors to his office paid much attention to the hawks, named Bobby and Violet, until in late March Sexton noticed three eggs in the nest.

The New York Times installed a Hawk-Cam trained on the nest and has provided updates on its City Room blog, where the nesting birds can be seen in a live video stream.

Something began poking out of one of the eggs on Monday evening, although on Tuesday one hawk sat stationary in the nest, obscuring whatever might be happening. On Wednesday, the Times blog reported, the chicks were due "any second."

Although little could be seen, far less promising webcam subjects have found loyal online audiences.

A coffee pot at the University of Cambridge became an Internet sensation in the early '90s and is credited with being the first example of a webcam.

In 1998, millions tuned in to streaming video of a litter of Shiba Inu puppies in San Francisco.

-- Reuters

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