City Council Speaker Christine Quinn

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn Credit: City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. (Getty Images)

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn vowed Wednesday to override the mayor's veto of a so-called "living wage" bill that would call for higher wages for certain building workers.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg struck down the legislation, calling it a "throwback to the era when government viewed the private sector as a cash cow to be milked." The bill apply to building workers in properties where the city leases large amounts of space; Bloomberg also indicated that he will veto a second bill calling for developers who receive large subsidies to pay their workers more than minimum wage.

"The City Council will move quickly to override these vetoes," i Quinn said. "Not enough has been done to help more New Yorkers reach the middle class."

Bloomberg says that if the City Council overturns his veto, he will fight it in court. 

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