Joseph Bargiuk, 71, has lived in the hamlet of Hicksville...

Joseph Bargiuk, 71, has lived in the hamlet of Hicksville since 1950. (November 8, 2011) Credit: T.C. McCarthy

Hicksville resident Joseph Bargiuk, 71, has lived in the hamlet since 1950. A lot has changed for him in the last 61 years, including his political views. Newsday caught up with him Tuesday while he voted at Old Country Road Middle School.

How has Hicksville changed in your time here?
Bargiuk: It changed a lot. There used to only be two schools. Now there's more and a lot more crime. I saw the roads change too.

Are there any changes about Hicksville you like?
Bargiuk: I used to work with my father in construction where I was a cement mason. I did [worked on widening] Newbridge Road back in 1980. I like that that they made the roads wider but, of course, now there's more traffic.

Why have you stayed in Hicksville so long?
Bargiuk: I have no idea. My family and friends were here . . . they’re gone now.

What are you thinking about when you go to the polls?
Bargiuk: Well, basically they [pundits] talk about Obamacare and property taxes. I voted all Republican. I used to be a Democrat, I’ll never vote Democrat again.

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