Lulu, a pitbull-terrier mix, was one of more than 200...

Lulu, a pitbull-terrier mix, was one of more than 200 pets up for adoption during the Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter's Free Love Weekend that placed over a dozen animals in new homes. Credit: Kaitlynn Mannino

It was love at first sight.

He was tall, with dark hair and eyes to match. She was a bit shorter with brown eyes, yellow fur and a wagging tail.

"I walked into the room and knew it was her," said Stephen Miolla, 18, of Medford about Sunshine, an adult Labrador mix.

Miolla and his family came Saturday to Brookhaven Animal Shelter for its Free Love Weekend, during which its adoption fees of $35 to $40 were suspended. He returned Sunday with his 12-year-old sister, Stephanie, to bring Sunshine home.

"She was my favorite animal here, I’m so glad she’s going home," said Charli Sorrentino, a dog trainer at the shelter.

Such farewells were common over the weekend, with over a dozen dogs and cats adopted by Sunday afternoon.

Alice, a two-year-old purebred Doberman, frolicked happily around shelter director Dori Scofield’s office as she awaited the arrival of her new owner.

Scofield said Alice’s former owners surrendered her after being evicted from their home. She was adopted by Commissioner of Public Safety Tony Gallino, who brought his 7-year-old grandson, Anthony Gallino, to meet the family’s new addition.

"She’s a great dog," said Gallino, as Alice happily tugged at her red leash.

Families walked down aisles dubbed "Labrador Lane" and "Bulldog Boulevard" searching for the perfect four-legged addition.

The waived fee encouraged Jen King, 33, and Doug Randazzo, 39, both of Shirley, to adopt Trixie, a gray female cat with wide green eyes.

"It’s really helpful to have the extra money to get a new animal started in its home," King said as she snuggled Trixie in her arms. "Some towns charge $100 to adopt."

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