Riverhead Town Hall on May 23, 2013.

Riverhead Town Hall on May 23, 2013. Credit: Newsday

Irate members of the Riverhead Garden Club came to town hall Tuesday night with a big complaint — someone has been stealing their boxwoods.

But, it wasn’t a recent theft, and town officials weren’t sure what happened to the plants or exactly when they were taken.

The supervisor’s office said this week that it appeared likely that the plants were removed from the formal garden next to the East End Arts Council building on East Main Street late last year, before the town doubled its downtown police foot patrol in response to an armed robbery and an unrelated fatal hit-and-run accident in the downtown business district.

Still, the town board agreed that since the members of the garden club had done the initial work of planting the boxwoods in a formal garden between the two Arts Council buildings, it was only fair that the town pay for replacement plants.

The plants will be purchased in the spring.


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