Judy Regulinski, 66, of Head of the Harbor, celebrates her...

Judy Regulinski, 66, of Head of the Harbor, celebrates her son Charles, 34, of Setauket, after he came in second in his age group with a time of 20:20 after running in Smithtown Rotary's 20th annual "Go for the Green" 5K run. (March 16, 2013) Credit: Brittany Wait

Judy Regulinski, 66, has lived in Head of the Harbor in the Town of Smithtown for 31 years. She said not a day goes by that she regrets the decision to leave Flushing, Queens.

She spent the day before St. Patrick’s Day cheering on her son, Charles, 34, of Setauket, who ran in the Smithtown Rotary’s 20th annual “Go for the Green” 5K run on Saturday.

What initially brought you to the Smithtown area?

Well, we found a really nice house overlooking the water in a nice quiet setting of Head of the Harbor and thought it would be a nice change for our family. Most importantly, I wanted my kids to get a good education and it’s really the best place to raise children.

What do you like so much about Smithtown?

It’s a beautiful place to live. There’s so much nature. It’s like living in heaven. It’s also a convenient area to shop for anything you need, is close to Smith Haven Mall and parking isn’t so bad. Where I live, it’s so quiet and quaint. I just love it here.

You said it’s a great place to raise your children. How so?

I have two boys, Charles and Doug [37, of Manorville]. When they were younger, I wasn’t afraid of them riding their bikes in the neighborhood or playing in the woods. It was a safe community to raise children when we moved here. Now, like in most places, the scene has changed. There’s traffic congestion during certain times on Main Street and it’s hard to cross the road there. But I still love living here and wouldn’t go back and change a thing. You couldn’t pick a better place to live.

Are you enjoying yourself at this event?

Oh, yes. Of course. I call myself my son’s running groupie. I cheer him along when I can. He’s been running for three years and is a member of the Long Island Road Runners Club. This 5K run was to help him get ready for tomorrow’s half marathon in New York City. I’m so excited. Now, that’ll be a good way to start off St. Patrick’s Day.

I’m going to be visiting a lot of places during this coming week. Do you have a favorite or special place you like to go?

Avalon [Nature] Preserve [in St. James]. I live right down the street from it, so I go all the time. It’s one of the most beautiful parks to walk through. It’s so peaceful. I just feel so relaxed when I’m there. That’s definitely my favorite spot in town.

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